26 Mar 2010

non identical twins

i was asked to make ten different flowers for a friend ,
so i decided to make them in pairs.
they are twins but not identical,
so you could use them as pairs if you wanted,
but each still has its own personality!
my collection of new and reclaimed buttons is fab -
i delve into it at every possible opportunity.
it sits on my desk in a clear plastic box
and inspires me every day

11 Mar 2010

first flower brooch i sold

i sold this flower to a nice lady on ebay - i hope she is enjoying it!
this one is a bit more grown up than the pink and denim flowers i have made for friends and family, which are more funky.

here's how i did it

drew three different sized flowers on card and used them as a template
drew the outlines of the flowers onto bondaweb
(fusible webbing with a peel off paper backing- wonder under in the US)
cut around them leaving a small border
chose 3 co-ordinating fabrics and pressed them (boring but essential)
ironed the bondaweb onto the wrong side of each fabric
cut out the flowers along the pencil outlines - sharp scissors needed
peeled the paper backing off the flowers and pressed them onto brown felt with a hot iron
once fused, cut them out leaving a tiny border of brown fabric showing
(or a huge border - depends what look you are after)
used good quality embroidery thread to stitch each flower to its felt layer by hand
stitched a vintage button to the centre - giong through each layer to assemble the flower
stitched a brooch fastener to the bottom flower
tada (about 3 hours work)
i love them and i wear one every day - on a jacket, bag, or pumps

10 Mar 2010

round petal flowers with suffolk puffs

i made these from fabric squares that i bought from a vintage supplier.
they are lovely on my little girls' school coats - although the shade of the pink coat clashes horribly!
but they love them and tell everyone mummy stitched them - bless my little angels.

how i did it
cut 6 3" x 3" squares of fabric (matching, co-ordinating or a crazy mix up)
fold each into triangles and press with a hot iron
stitch a loose running stitch along both open sides leaving the folded side as is
hold the corner you started at and pull the thread to
gather your petal into a nice round shape
without knotting or cutting your thread,
start your running stitch on the next triangle
when all 6 are done attach the first to the last petal and knot your thread
cover the centre hole with a button, badge, fabric circle
or whatever you can find

i used reversed suffolk puffs (yoyos in the USA) for the centres of these -
the right sides looked too fussy
i slipped in a circle of craft foam to keep the shape
as i stitched it to the edges of the petals

for DD1 flower on the pink coat i used 3 different patterned fabrics from the same range
and put the same petals opposite each other on the flower
for DD2 flower on the white coat i used 3 different patterned fabrics again
but put 2 petals the same side by side in 3 groups
i can't decide which i prefer, and since the fabrics are very similar
it is hard to tell on these
maybe i will go crazy on the next one and pick 2, 3 or even 6 very different prints
and see how that looks

9 Mar 2010

the story so far...

i have tried jewellery making, cross stitch, embroidery, weaving, french knitting, scrapbooking, card making, painting, sculpture, paper making, graphic design, drawing and probably other things i can't even remember. the problem is i loved them all - although i can't say i was good at them all *ahem*

i go a bit loopy if i don't have a creative outlet so this is therapeutic.

here i am at last

welcome to maytree lane.

i'm may and i'm excited to be organised - finally.

i have a fine art degree from liverpool hope university, and i am a qualified college tutor in psychology and art.

i have always been artsy - it runs in my family on my mum's side.

i design and handmake all sorts of little things for myself, my 4 kids and my family and friends.
i am hoping to share some of these little things with the big wide world, so i hope they will be loved and looked after!

my head is buzzing with ideas and bits of inspiration, and i fill journals with them on a regular basis. to save the trees (and desk space) i will try to keep them here instead, and hope they get nurtured into more finished designs.

follow my crafty journey...