24 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: National Wear Red Day

It's National Wear Red Day for the British Heart Foundation!
It's wear red day most days for me to be honest, but here are some Folksy finds if you want some ideas...

so starting from the top, a lovely crocheted hat

or this very salubrious sequinned hair bow

little loveheart button earrings

this gorgeous red necklace

a lovely big corsage

this funky bracelet - pretty but a bit scary :)

a ring that I love

and this beautiful handbag to carry other red things in...

and don't forget the little ones...

and this is a little red ribbon brooch that I made lastnight :)

23 Feb 2011


I love red. Always have. It’s a statement colour, and I think that's why some people are intimidated by it. It shouts out that you are here, and that's fine by me! It stands alone, and doesn't play well with others. It is a symbol of power, confidence, danger, aggression and action. But also of passion and love...

Days when I wear red feel different to days when I wear pink or purple. Like Tiger Woods in his lucky red shirt. Even my other half admits to wearing his lucky red boxers on our first date (I can’t verify this you filthy minded beasts, I’m not that kinda girl!)

The first few weeks after I redo my red hair, when it’s super true red, I am so much more confident and happy. Red is such a big part of my identity, and I didn't know how much til I wrote this.

I knew a girl years ago called Black and Red Mandy. Nobody ever used her last name, she was just Black and Red Mandy. She only ever wore red and black, every day, for every occasion. She only ever had black or red hair. She was stylish and smart, and I would have loved to raid her wardrobe!

Come back on Friday to see my Wear Red Day Folksy Friday

18 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: Chocolatey Goodness

My folksy friday this week is inspired by the activities of my 4 monkeys in their school holiday this week.

My 7 year old, Georgia, has gone crazy on baking this week. She has a stack of cookery books on her lap every time I look at her!
Her favourite is called Cooking With Chocolate, and she has copied out her favourite recipes and ingredients lists, and drawn all the chocolatey creations she wants to make this weekend.
I am trying to be good, so I have gone in search of chocolately goodness without the calories :) enjoy...
Click on the pics for more info about the lovely talented creators, and where you can find these goodies.

A bit of brown ink, and I can stamp as many of these as I like

A chocolate orange isn't just for christmas you know - can you imagine how good this candle smells?

Mmm: more chocolate orange, this time you can rub it all over yourself :)

You can sit and admire this one all day (you could lick it if you were really tempted!)

Oh these are so cute - i love them

Yummy - a nice pink swirly chocolate

Oh wow! yes please

Oh my gosh my girls would love this for their doll's house

13 Feb 2011

I have a proper logo - get me!

Maytree Lane is where I was born, in Loughborough, and it had white cottages and lots of trees. My Dad was a soldier and he was stationed there. I chose it as my brand name because it is personal to me and also sounds natural and flowery, like my products.

My amazingly lovely hubby has just made me a logo. He is a graphic designer, so I roped him in to turn my sketchy sketch into something "proper" and I love it. I wanted a may tree, and was going to have a little stitched white cottage, but then I wanted to stitch some buttons onto the tree, and it went from there...

He just kind of got what I wanted straight away, and did a draft, and then we picked out colours and textures. The text is a font he remodelled to match my signature (he's so clever with this stuff - he baffles me).

I also have a little label to match, which is the cutest :)

I have really jumped in at the deep end with all this Folksy, blogging, tweeting, facebook, myspace, adding html, and editing photos. If you had told me last February I would have been doing all this I would never have believed it.

I'm so excited! (and I just can't hide it...)
I feel like a real businesswoman now - like I could make this really happen.
I even got my new website signed up and registered lastnight.
Watch this space - I don't know what's coming next, but I'm sure as Hell gonna be up all night writing lists again tonight!

10 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: Bring Out Your Geeks!

This week was my luvvly hubby's birthday, and since his job is making computer games for Playstations, I've had a peek at the gloriously geeky gear that can be found on fabulously funky folksy (alright chill out with the alliteration* woman)!

How cool is this stuff? It's geektastic...

How cool are these? I think even my wash-shy 9 year old could be persuaded into a good scrub with these little beauties :)

I know this is not strictly about computers, but who can resist this passport cover?

He has portable hard drives coming out of his ears, but none look as ace as this retro game cartridge one!

He doesn't have to wear a shirt to work (that's how geeky his job is!) but if he did, I know he would want these cufflinks...

OK this one is for me, but he is a luvvly hubby, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)

How jealous would his geeky workmates be if he had this on his desk? Very, that's how.

He only drinks bottled water, so there's no excuse for buying these - except that I love them <3 After all that, I only actually bought one Folksy item for his birthday this time. He is a fruit maniac, and the pickiest apple consumer I've ever met, so I got him this knitted apple cosy, and he is now the envy of all geekdom! Oh yes he is.

*I would like to point out that I didn't use the word alliteration just to show off, I used it to look more geeky...and show off. And i learned it from my 9 year old, so I'm not as clever as I think now I look at it that way.

2 Feb 2011

Folksy Friday: Tip toes, Tutus and Tiaras

  • Tutu...check
  • Tiara...check
  • Pumps...check
  • Leotard...check
  • Tip toes...check
  • Tantrums...well, let's hope not!
My oldest little girl got a silver medal in her Royal Academy of Dance primary exam this week,
so I have picked my favourite ballet themed Folksy items.
Please click the pics for more info, prices and to meet the lovely creators :)

These are so gorgeous, do you think Dannie would make some in my size?

This foam doll is amazing - and looks just like my little Georgia :)

My girls would love one of these door signs for their bedroom...

My girls are always scribbling away, drawing and writing lists, these jotters are perfect!

This keepsake box from Dottie could keep that first tiny pair of ballet pumps safe *sniff sniff*

And this pump bag could keep the new ones safe as well :)

This sweet bear card would be nice for my youngest daughter who also does ballet <3
I LOVE badges, what more can I say?

1 Feb 2011

There's no accounting for taste

I have just sold this embroidered cotton tote bag in my folksy shop :)

A lovely lady from Glasgow bought it, and it's on it's way to her as we speak.

I wanted to share the story of how I made this bag with you (don't start yawning already - give me a chance)... I have already blogged about the actual process earlier, so now I want to tell you how this bag came to life!

This is the first flower bag I have made, all the others have had hearts on them. I cut flowers from recycled denim and cotton, and ironed them onto the bag. I wasn't sure about the placement of the flowers, but thought it would grow on me as I started sewing. It didn't. I embroidered on the bottom 3 flowers, and still didn't like the look of it.

I didn't like the colour of thread I had chosen, and some of my stitches just didn't work for me. Every time I picked it up to work on it, it put me in a bad mood. I moaned and bitched about it to the poor hubby after every flower was finished. He said it looked good, but I knew he was just being polite!

I had a real bone to pick with this bag, and I couldn't wait to finish it and shove it in my project basket! I added buttons, and then I thought I shouldn't have. It was the only finished project I had last week, so I listed it on Folksy anyway, and it sold within hours.

I feel a bit mean now, for all the moaning, whinging, and name calling I did at the flower bag, because somebody loved it enough to choose it from the thousands of gorgeous creations on Folksy. Sorry flower bag...