13 Feb 2011

I have a proper logo - get me!

Maytree Lane is where I was born, in Loughborough, and it had white cottages and lots of trees. My Dad was a soldier and he was stationed there. I chose it as my brand name because it is personal to me and also sounds natural and flowery, like my products.

My amazingly lovely hubby has just made me a logo. He is a graphic designer, so I roped him in to turn my sketchy sketch into something "proper" and I love it. I wanted a may tree, and was going to have a little stitched white cottage, but then I wanted to stitch some buttons onto the tree, and it went from there...

He just kind of got what I wanted straight away, and did a draft, and then we picked out colours and textures. The text is a font he remodelled to match my signature (he's so clever with this stuff - he baffles me).

I also have a little label to match, which is the cutest :)

I have really jumped in at the deep end with all this Folksy, blogging, tweeting, facebook, myspace, adding html, and editing photos. If you had told me last February I would have been doing all this I would never have believed it.

I'm so excited! (and I just can't hide it...)
I feel like a real businesswoman now - like I could make this really happen.
I even got my new website signed up and registered lastnight.
Watch this space - I don't know what's coming next, but I'm sure as Hell gonna be up all night writing lists again tonight!


  1. Love the logo and label, really nice. Good luck with your shop on Folksy.

  2. Well done! Great logo. It`s exciting isn`t when its working for yourself, somehow you don`t mind how many hours are put in. Good luck. Linda

  3. Looks absolutely brilliant, lucky girl to have someone around to do it for you (not jealous - much)....

  4. thanks guys
    i know i am lucky to have somebody here to help me with all this stuff :)

    he is hoping to go freelance soon, at least part time, so I will have to start paying him!

  5. FAB logos - great work! :-)
    C. MintToBe.

  6. Lovely logo...seems to fit perfectly.

    Emily x