30 Mar 2011

Fab folksy finds

Even more lovely treats and supplies that I have bought this year from folksy.
I do love shopping - from small British businesses, and dedicated designers.
Click on the pics to have a good nose in each designer's shop, and see what they have been making...they are all very talented

Creative knits - apple cosy (for hubs' birthday)

The button fairy - tiny star buttons (I had to make something with these the minute they arrived!)

Beep beep - crochet bowl (on my desk, holding all the lovely jewellery that I bought from folksy!)

Laura Faye crafts - sweetie hearts bangle (for me)

Maxine Veronica - cream rose, limestone and copper bracelet (also for me)

Damselfly Gemma - tiny button stud earrings (for me, couldn't resist: buttons + spotty = mine)

Oblue - keyring cut from a skateboard (for hubs' birthday)

The litt'lest craft shop - Handcut thundercats sticker (for hubs' birthday)

Dizzy Izzy supplies - spotty buttons (used them all already: buttons + spotty = all gone)

Stars & scars - party ring necklace (for my little girl when she got a silver medal in ballet)

Which is your favourite?

More folksy finds

Continuing on my theme of the great stuff I have found and bought from Folksy, here are some more from earlier this year :)
Click on the image to zoom to the artist's folksy shop, and see what they have for you to choose from - I promise you won't be disappointed...

lilipopo at the glass mountain - little house lavender bag (hangs near my desk and smells lovely)

Everything's Rosie - russian doll keyring (for my Auntie who loves them)

Pip designs - little green leaf purse (for my Mum in law's 60th birthday)

Lilly's night garden - vintage paris card (for my Mum for mother's day)

Nofkants curios - leaf agate keyring (for mum in law's 60th birthday)

Pants and Paper - needle book (for me, looking pretty on my high shelf away from monkeys)

Card making princess - Elvis birthday card (for mum in law's 60th)

Court and Spark - peanuts heart hanger (in the middle of our bedroom curtain rail to make me smile every time I open them)

Fairly girly - hematite hearts (treat for me, I love hematite)

Aren't they all talented?

24 Mar 2011

My folksy finds this month

I have decided to share the fab things I have bought from folksy so far this year.
I have a bit of a splurge on payday each month, and choose some treats from the list of items I have "faved". I also pick up presents for other people whenever I can. I love buying handmade gifts, supporting my folksy pals - and having a nice story to tell the recipient when I give it to them.
Obviously these items are no longer available - cos I got there first!
So click on the pics to go to the seller's shop and see some amazing new things they have made :)

the no such disco - character badges (for my big boy cameron)

JCU designs - birdie necklace (for me!)

the dottery pottery - ceramic owls to decorate yourself (for mum in law)

the dottery pottery - ceramic bag charm (for my mum)

uniquely yours - red crochet handbag (for my little girl kira)

uniquely yours - pink crochet handbag (for my little girl georgia)

minerva crafts - grump sock animal (for my little boy oakley)

mystic's realm - yellow and blue rose hairslides (for my little ballerinas)

buggable - camper van cards (for 2 camper van crazy friends)

lilly's night garden - russian dolls card (for my auntie who loves them)

13 Mar 2011


Now I know a lot of crafters who sell their work hate Regretsy, so don't all fall out with me at once...

I only recently discovered this site, and was fascinated. I know it can be nasty and mean, but it's also honest. (And dangerously funny, I have laughed so much I have almost injured myself on many occasions over the last few nights)

Helen Killer is the Simon Cowell of the handmade world. Everyone says there's no need to be that catty, but she is only saying what everyone is quietly thinking.
And she often offers very constructive useful criticism.
Like shift all the horrid rubbish from behind your item before you photograph it...
Or make sure there isn't a big hair on the cake you are selling...

There are people on etsy and folksy that make some of the most beautiful creations my eyes have ever feasted upon.
You can clearly see the love and effort and imagination that has gone into their items.
And there are also people on etsy and folksy who make things that are not my taste at all,
but I can still appreciate their talent and skill.

I try really hard to buy all the gifts for my family from handmade sites like these, not the high street, and I shop at craft fairs to support local artisans as well.
You occasionally see two bits of rubbish glued together and called steampunk, or a framed teaspoon for 40 quid, and have a bit of a snigger to yourself.
Money for old rope and all that. I guess that's how Regretsy started. If someone had put time and love into something, no matter how misguided, then you can't really knock them for having a go.
Some people probably think what I make is ugly, or rubbish etc. But if someone is just taking the proverbial pee, then that's different.

What shocked me more than anything (even more than the giant genitalia birthday cake for $250) was the huge section on resellers.
These are people who buy cheap imports and pass them off as their own work.
I must be so naive, as I had no idea people did this on these sites (ebay maybe).
I just believed that if people say they made it themselves, then they did.
There was one flower ring that was being sold as unique and handmade by at least 8 different sellers!
Regretsy showed screenshots of all their listings,
followed by a screenshot of the website in Malaysia where they obviously all got them from - 100 flowers for $20.

People like us who are spending 2, 3, 4 or more hours making one item clearly cannot compete with this.
It has made me think really hard about whether to bother trying to sell anything I make, or just give them as gifts to friends.
I feel so disillusioned. There was even a shop selling fake designer handbags in the vintage section.

Do I just need to grow up and get on with it?

12 Mar 2011

a slight change in direction...

I have realised there is quite a difference in the style of the jewellery I make for myself, and the jewellery I have made for other people, like this lilac flower brooch.

My taste is not as classically pretty as the things I sell, and is much more eclectic. I am always happier with the results when I make whatever I want, and not what I think someone else will like.

Sooo... in the last few weeks I have made fabric brooches that are more the style of what I wear myself, and listed them in my Folksy shop, to see how they are received!

I have really enjoyed making them, and I think I will continue with this slight change in direction, as well as making pretty fabric flowers.

What do you think?