29 Jun 2011


yep that's me...
can't put my finger on it this week but I'm in a foul mood. I never let people see me down or depressed, but even I can't hide it lately. My energy levels are zero, and my motivation is in minus figures I think. I am lucky I have 4 little monkeys to keep me busy I think.

I have started a couple of projects lately but abandoned them, not knowing what I don't like about them. Everything I make just looks rubbish.

I don't even know where this has all come from. I have suffered with depression since I had it after the birth of our second baby. It comes and goes but seems to have gone for longer this time before it wandered back in, so I think I got cocky and thought I was over all that!

I am taking a few days to have a good long think about what I'm doing, where I'm going, and what I'm going to do about it, and hopefully I will be back soon with less whinging...

24 Jun 2011

Folksy Friday: the Fabulous Fifties

As my lovely Mum in Law Marie is 60 this weekend, I have chosen the 1950s, when she was born, as this week's folksy friday theme. What a great era for design and fashion! I would have loved to be around then. And in the 20s and 30s. And 40s. And 70s. I was just born in the wrong decade basically! Click on the pic to visit the shop :)

Vintage red polka dot chair from Dear Old Blighty

Phil's Drive In pin up girl bag from Uniquely Different

T-Bird T-Shirt from Retro Without a Cause

50's Hostess Apron from Jacqueline Jones

Pretty Penny 50s Charm Bracelet from Pinup Trash

Vintage Cushion Cover from Audrey's Cat
If you are a fan of retro fabric this lady is the lady to know - check out her shop!

20 Jun 2011

I've got to admit...

I hate promoting myself.

I love designing things. I love sketching new ideas. I love shopping for materials, and finding amazing treasures to recycle. I love sewing. I love jewellery making. I even love ironing (only projects - not proper ironing with clothes and stuff).

But I can't be faffed with all this self promotion stuff. And now everyone keeps telling me it's the most important part of what I do. Damn! Really? Are you sure? If I just make cute little things and put them in cyberspace, won't they find their way to new owners? No? Oh...

I use twitter, and chat to some lovely people. And I do tweet about my shop and products...sometimes. My PR man (hubs) says I should put a link to my twitter profile here >>>
maytreelane on twitter

I have a facebook business page, and I put photos of new products on there...sometimes. PR man is watching, better give you a link >>> maytreelane UK on facebook

And my folksy shop is where you can find the aforementioned little things >>>
maytreelane's folksy shop

But if I'm honest, joking aside, I would rather just be sewing! I would love to make a small living (or even a modest contribution!) doing what I love, but am I willing to be a shameless self promoter if that's what it takes? I'm still not sure...

If I sold enough to pay for more lovely fabric, buttons and beads without going bankrupt, then maybe that's good enough. I love my hobby, and I wonder if turning it into a small business would spoil it?

How have you all found the switch from hobby to selling? I'd love to hear your experiences - and tips!
Lisamarie xx

8 Jun 2011

still here...

just to let you know I'm still alive :)
the monkeys are off school and we have been away in Wales with NO internet!!
normal service will resume soon :)
lisamarie x