22 Aug 2011

The "C" word

I'm starting to think about homemade gifts for our family Christmas this year.
Last year's homemade Christmas was much more successful than I'd hoped.
Although it did take me months to knit 3 scarves: hence why I'm thinking about it in September this year.

When Big Brother was 3 and Big Sister was 364 days old (boxing day baby) I was disappointed that I didn't finish the personalised stockings I had started in November.
That was in 2004, and I found all the pieces in a box in my craft cupboard a few weeks ago.
I hang my head in crafty shame.

The girls are so crafty and creative. Little Sister's nursery school report said her drawings and creations inspire the rest of the class to emulate her!
Little Brother has become fascinated with stationery already...I've taught him well.
He will do anything for a glue stick or paintbrush.
His most recent creation was a get well card for his little girl friend next door who has fractured her leg.
(He picks all Daddy's flowers and passes them through the fence to her, they are BFFs)

Big Brother is also very creative, but in a shy way.
He hides his creations until he has edited and remade them to his exacting standards.

I will certainly have another bash at personalised stockings or present sacks this year.
We are lucky enough to have 4 monkeys now, so I better get cracking.

I was feeling all positive then.
Til I told Hubs I am going to take some piccies to put in this post.
He suggested I take a photo of the big cardboard box in the girls' room.
He is referring, of course, to the beautiful wooden doll's house I bought 4 years ago and never built.

A property developer could have built 2812 super apartments in 4 years.
The ones for people with a love of miniature furniture and no desire to stretch their legs whilst watching TV.
Unless they want to turn the compact dishwasher into a foot spa.

Me, on the other hand, well I've managed to paint the basement an authentic Georgian shade of blue. Oh I know. I amaze myself.

This doll's house (hereafter referred to simply as "the house") is a little thorn in the side of my self image as a good, caring mother.
I had grand plans for "the house". Grand Designs even (ahem).
I even toyed (hehe) with the idea of a conservatory for the little dolls to spend sunny afternoons in.
I designed wallpaper on the computer to print out and hang up. They were going to be rich dolls, obviously.

I bought many wonderful books on the subject of building and furnishing Doll's Houses. Which goes without saying for me really.
I have never met a subject I couldn't spend months reading about and then run out of time to actually try.

All of which brings me back to the big box. "The House".
I scuttle off to the kitchen and return triumphant.

Behold the airfix models I bought Hubs 2 birthdays ago. BNIB as they say on eBay...

The Defense rests, Your Honour.

21 Aug 2011

no more whinging for a while...


I said I was going to take a few days to do some thinking and that ended up being a few weeks.

I have taken away the pressure to create every day by dropping out of the daily listing club on Folksy for a while. And guess what...
My creativity has returned :)

I tried to turn my passion for making things into a small business, and it just seemed to take all the fun out of it.

The pressure to sell stuff, and worrying if people will like it was overwhelming for a while - how silly! When I think what people are going through every day, and what is important to me, I feel a bit daft stressing out over brooches and bags.

My lovely Hubs has fished the smashed memory card out of my camera slot (don't even ask) so now I can take some pics and show you what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks.

The only crafting time I get is when the monkeys have gone to bed and me and Hubs crack open the DVD boxsets. He sits at one end of the sofa working on his laptop, and I sit at the other sewing, snipping and generally faffing. Hence my late night craftiness is usually powered by: