23 Sep 2011

a bit more grown up...

So now I'm a bit more grown up, I read anything.
Crime, romance, teen fiction, travel writing, science, children's books, history, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, comedy, autobiographies: whatever takes my fancy.
And all interspersed with a good helping of psychology and sociology (I'm hoping to go back into teaching when little brother starts school).

Craft, art and design books are my guilty pleasure. They are normally inordinately expensive, but so beautiful and inspiring that you just cannae leave them on the shelf.

I still love crime novels. Mo Hayder books keep me up all night (both reading them and thinking about them). That handprint on the little boy's window...

bill hicks

As my last two posts had a quote from the man himself as the title, it's only fair that I put a little linkie to the clip it's from :)

Warning: contains bad words. There you go, you were warned...

bill hicks: looks like we got ourselves a reader

looks like we got ourselves a reader 2: more booky goodness

I used to be quite fussy about what I read, and stuck to a few favourite authors as a young teenager.
I started on Christopher Pike, and read each in a night.
Then I moved onto adult books by around 13.
Dean Koontz was definitely in my top five.

And Shaun Hutson.

I loved Misery, but have never been a big fan of Stephen King
(don't all gasp at once).
David Martin was also in there.
And Robert Ludlum never fails to excite and delight.

Anything a bit scary with a smattering of blood n guts was right up my literary alley.

Then I discovered James Patterson and had to read the back catalogue one after the other until I caught up!

My boyfriend of the time introduced me to fantasy (calm down, you know what I mean).
We were full on hair swinging moshers then, and fantasy seemed to go hand in hand with that somehow (both still are actually, his hair is longer than mine!)
R.A.Salvatore is amazing! I was in love with Wulfgar...

Just remembering these books makes me want to re-read them.
And I never do that. Ever.

So many books, so little time.

5 Sep 2011

Looks like we got ourselves a reader

I love reading. Love it. Always have.
I started on Peter and Jane books from Ladybird.

I was a keen and fast learner and my Mum always encouraged me. She subscribed to the Humpty Dumpty Club for me, and I got a big package every month.

It had books, puzzles, games and flash cards. Nobody else I have asked has ever heard of this. When I Googled it today, I found a huge forum of people saying exactly the same, and many of them have kept some bits and pieces. My girls have the animal dominoes and alphabet cards. I also still have some of the books (they are nicely illustrated but some are racist by today's standards, as was the norm)

As a child my favourites were Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl - no surprises there.

I read the Garden Gang, and of course Mr.Men and Little Miss.

I had a huge appetite for books. When I ran out of fiction I read a twelve volume encyclopedia. [My uncle did the same thing when he was suffering with mental illness - I've never made that connection before.]

I also spent hours copying out pages or even chapters from books. Being an only child obviously had a profound effect on me!

I'm hoping the monkeys will love books as much as I do. They certainly have plenty to keep them going. Little Sister is just learning to read now, and she is picking it up so fast. We know she is very bright, but have still been surprised how she absorbs and remembers.

Next time I will waffle about my favourite authors in my teenage years :)