10 Oct 2011

cheeky chappies

I have started my Christmas crafting in good time this year for a change :)
I am making felt hanging decorations for the tree and mirrors/picture frames.

I wanted a round shape like a bauble, but something cute.
After messing around with paper and card (Maltesers boxes are the perfect colour!) I came up with these cheeky robins.

They have plaited yarn legs with 3 little toes, and black beady eyes.

They are all slightly unique as I have hand cut and stitched each one.

Their little tummies are lightly padded with fabric scraps from other projects.
The wings are only stitched at the front so they are 3D.

I am enjoying creating these cheeky chappies immensely, and I have got a few orders from family and friends too.

So when ours have enough little buddies for the tree, I will be making more to fly to other nests :)
These measure about 3 inches (8cm) across, but I have had a request for a huge fat cushion version so I'm looking forward to making him!