18 Mar 2012

Do I really need business cards?

I've been dabbling in this online selling business now for a year. It can only be part time at the moment, but I take it pretty seriously. I have a proper logo, designed by my graphic designer husband (my logo post)

I use Facebook , Twitter and Blogger to connect with people.

I haven't done any craft fairs yet, so do I really need business cards? I find it really hard to promote myself, and say "Hey look what I made!". So what would I do with business cards?

Well my kids got me some super ones from Photobox for Mother's Day. I did a networking event at FACT and we all swapped business cards.

And I gave some to my lovely Mum to pass on to her friends who may like my products.

I still can't give them to people I know, or potential customers without feeling like a posing pillock though!


So, how do you use yours?

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