9 Mar 2012

North West Crafters - Where Are You?

The first Monday of the month was exciting for Maytree Lane. I was part of an event at the Picturehouse at  FACT LIVERPOOL. We were there to meet, chat and advise crafters and designers thinking of selling their creations online.

Everyone who came had different and interesting questions, and I hope we answered them all from our own experiences.We also learned from each other and our visitors, which is always the sign of a great community :)

So if you handmake or design for friends and family, and fancy taking the plunge into Folksy or Etsy drop in to the next event for advice or general chinwagging!

Monday 2 April in the Picturehouse bar at FACT from 6pm.

Shops and events that took part include:

Freshly Freckled
Grinning Cat Designs
Becka Griffin
Swap Shop
Paper Street Store
Maytree Lane

Clicky the linkies and see what we are all about...

What would you ask about selling art and crafts online?

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